Top Tips For Staying Warm This Winter

In the middle of winter it can get so cold that you start coming up with unique ways of how to cover every part of you so there is not one piece of skin exposed. OK. So, we live in Australia and it doesn’t get as cold here as it does in some parts of the world but some of us sorry souls feel the cold in their bones as soon as it drops below 25 degrees and we need a firm strategy on how to stay warm when this happens.

Short of wearing gloves while you’re trying to use Instagram on your phone or donning a balaclava at the supermarket to keep your face extremities warm, we’ve got our top tips to share for staying toasty during the winter months.

Drink hot chocolate and herbal teas

Warming yourself from the inside out is our top tip for winter happiness. A good old-fashioned hot chocolate will warm the spirits and herbal teas come infused with lots of natural, healthy bits and pieces that can help warm and cleanse your interior leaving you feeling fresh and invigorated. Ginger for example is ideal for boosting circulation and is well known for its flu-fighting powers. Peppermint tea is good for the liver and full of antioxidants. There’s loads of herbal teas to choose from which promote a healthy body. Take that winter.

Warming yourself from the inside out is our top tip for winter happiness

Get under a really warm blanket

There are some beautiful designs coming out of Australian businesses. Hand woven, geometric throws are not only going to keep you really warm but also add a vibrant spot of colour to your boring old couch. But maybe you want to really take it to the extreme and nothing says ‘I’m freezing’ more than knitting your own woolly blanket with industrial-sized needles with wool made for giants. Of course, you can also buy a pre-knitted blanket but then you don’t get to keep those over-sized knitting needles as a memento of your mad knitting skills.

Buy a hot water bottle

Nana is making a come back (see knitting in previous top tip) and hot water bottles are no exception. These little beauties just need hot water and they will give you hours of love. Speaking of nana, why not get crafty and return your hot water bottles favour by crocheting a cover for extra-pretty and a warm cuddle on the couch. Who needs humans when you can enjoy the company of this less chatty, super warm and well-dressed friend?

Layer up

There’s a reason dressing in layers is so popular, because us coldies are donning all our clothes at once in an attempt to buffet winter chills. Thankfully it’s a fashion statement but don’t overdo it and end up looking like that walking marshmallow-thing at the end of Ghostbusters. Be savvy and choose thermals and woolly tights as your under-garments with items like merino wool over the top. Not too sexy in the undressing sense, but hey, you’re warm.

Working out for just a short time each day releases feel-good chemicals which help fight winter blues.


It’s hard to get motivated to exercise in winter because it’s cold outside but you need to see the end goal and the end goal is good! Working out for just a short time each day releases feel-good chemicals which help fight winter blues. Exercising outdoors helps increase the lack of Vitamin D you may be experiencing due to less sunshine. Dress in a thermal and get going quickly. In no time you’ll be feeling that burn and repelling the cold. Not only are you now a cold-fighting machine you’re also getting a pretty good body in preparation for summer. Yes!


If you decide you do need more than just the hot-hearted company of a water bottle and a little human interaction might actually help with your sanity during the shorter days, then you might as well use this person for extra warmth. Get close, get personal and snuggle your way through winter in the only way two beings generating their own power can. A pet can also work in this capacity – but they may smell more, so up to you.

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